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Program Policies

         Illness Report and Attendance Policies

The following are our attendance policies as it pertains to illness.  It is very important that we adhere to these to keep the other children and staff as healthy as possible and keep illness from spreading through the center.  If your child develops any of these symptoms while they are in our care, we will be calling to make arrangements for them to be picked up.  Please keep your children home if they have any of these symptoms there.

Cold                 Mild, no fever, feeling o.k.  If there are no other symptoms, and if discharge from nose is clear, then your child may attend daycare.

Fever              If your child has a fever of 101, (remember you need to add a degree when taken under their arm) you must keep them home for 24 hours after it goes down to normal degrees without the use of fever reducing medications.

Sore Throat  If it is mild and your child does not complain about pain, they may attend daycare.

Sore Throat  Child appears to have one of the following: Swollen glands or tonsils, white spots in throat, hurts when swallows and or complains of not feeling well.  You may need to see a doctor.  Your child needs to stay home until the symptoms or gone or can return with written approval from the doctor.

Rash                If we are unable to determine what it is, your child needs to stay home until it is gone or can return to daycare with written approval from a doctor.

Diarrhea        After 2 loose stools or if a child has hard cramping, your child must stay home at least 24 hours after the last loose stool or may return with a doctor’s written approval.

Pink Eye         Conjunctivitis is VERY contagious.  If your child has redness or discharge from one or both eyes, they will not be allowed at daycare.  Your child will need to be on medication for 24 hours and have a doctor’s release before returning to daycare.

Allergies        If your child has a runny nose and slight congestion due to allergies, they may stay in daycare.

Vomiting       If your child has vomited they will not be able to attend daycare for 24 hours after the vomiting has ceased. 

 Flu                   Symptoms include fever of 101-104, body aches, headache, fatigue, runny nose, dry cough or dry/sore throat.  Children with these symptoms must stay home until they are symptom free for 24 without medication.

H1N1              Our policy will be that your child has to be excluded from daycare for seven days after your child is diagnosed.  Your child may return after seven days of no symptoms  or fever without taking any medications.


Biting Policy

Biting can be an uncomfortable subject for parents of both the biter and the child who is bitten. I hope that this policy will explain how I deal with biting in my home. Please do discuss any concerns you may have regarding this issue with me. If your child is known to bite I would prefer to know in advance.

Children bite for a variety of reasons. This may be because they are teething, frustrated, exploring using their mouth, asserting their independence and wanting to gain control, maybe of a toy or they could be stressed. It may also be because they want to gain attention.

We will work with you and your child to establish when and why they are biting. We will observe the child closely to see if certain conditions or situations trigger the behavior and then work with them to try and avoid the incidents occurring. This may involve altering the child’s routine, giving them more one to one attention, purchasing additional resources so sharing is not such a major issue or if it is because a child is teething provide suitable teething resources.

We will ensure that if a child is bitten that they are comforted and given lots of attention. We will ensure that any first aid is applied correctly if required and the incident will be recorded in my book and parents asked to sign it.

If your child bites then I will remove them from the situation. We will explain to them, according to their age and understanding that biting is unacceptable behavior. For younger child this may be by my tone of voice and facial expressions rather than lots of words. It may be necessary for me to exclude the child from an activity and use ‘time out’ until they are calm enough to return.  I will also encourage the child to apologies to the child they have bitten and work with them to develop strategies to help them deal with the reasons.

Many children go through a stage of biting, please don’t be alarmed it doesn’t last forever!

In extreme cases the biter may be asked to leave the HCCD for a while until their biting stops.  We have to provide a safe environment for all children.

Incident and Accident reports

We use these forms for several things and I don’t want parents to cringe when they see the note on their clock in computer.  We just want to keep parents informed. It is very difficult  when caring for a group of children to remember to tell the closing staff  everything at the end of the day.  We are striving to give your child/children the best quality care possible.

   Major accident- The parent will be called

a.      When a child needs medical attention

b.      Head injury

c.       Face injury

d.      Open bite marks

e.      If a child uses an object to hurt a child.
Minor accidents- parents will not be called we just what them to know what happened

a.      Scratches

b.      Bumps

c.       Bruises

Incidents- parents will not be called unless the incident is serious- or continuous

a.      When something is noticed upon arrival bruise  cut

b.      Accidents involving your child’s behavior  for instance if your child hurts another child ( We don’t want them to get into trouble we just want the parent s to know in case there is a pattern or something is going on.)

c.  Accidents or incidents - involving a staff  v-s child


All injuries or accidents that occur while at the daycare center will be documented on an accident/incident reporting form detailing: what happened, who was involved, and what action was taken. This is to be signed by the parent and one will be kept in the child’s file. If an injury is one of a serious nature, these are the steps the center will take:

1. If possible the parent will be notified either at work- home –cell. Every effort will be made to contact the parent. 2. Attempts will be made to contact the emergency contact. 3. If needed ambulance services will be called at the parent’s expense. 

Administering Medication:

Medications can be administered to children at the center. Parents must sign a medication sheet for all medications. Over the counter medications and prescriptions must be in the original container. You can ask your pharmacy to put the scripts in a bottle for daycare and they will. This way you won’t have to be concerned about leaving them here.  We can not put medication in a bottle or glass we don’t want other children to get a hold of it. Please leave all medication as the front desk with the signed medication sheet. All medication must be locked up and out of the reach of children.   Only staff trained to give medication will give medication.


When filling out your enrollment forms it is very important that you let us know if your child has a food, medication, or airborne allergy. Every effort will be made to accommodate his/her special needs.  If your child has a food allergy we need a form signed by the doctor.

Pick up Policy    

   Only Authorized Persons which are listed on the enrollment forms will be allowed to pick-up children.  If someone other than the parent will be picking up the child the parent needs to notify the center. Parents should instruct the authorized persons to always stop at the front desk to present a photo ID.  We will release children to authorized persons only!           

 Food and Physical Activity Policy

Iowa DHS licensing rules require that childcare centers develop nutrition and health policies that are provided to parents and program staff. 

Policy 1  The daily schedule promotes a relaxed and adequate period for meals and snacks.

Policy 2.  At least 60 minutes of physical activity are scheduled daily for toddlers and preschoolers.

Policy 3  Foods served to children meet the Child and Adult Care Food Program guidelines and the dietary Guidelines for Americans and promote acceptance of a variety of foods.

Policy 4  Food and physical activity are never used as incentives or punishment. Nor do we reward or punish children for what they choose to eat or what they choose as their physical activity.

Policy 5  Parents are partners in the task of fostering healthy eating and physical habits for children.

Meals: HCCD participates in the Child and adult Food Program the children will be offered well balanced nutritious meals and snacks. Children are offered and not forced to eat.

Birthdays or bringing treats:

Birthdays are very special to parents and children. Parents are encouraged to bring healthy snacks. Please check with your child’s teacher to determine the best time and if there are any allergies in the classroom. Parents are encouraged to attend any special celebration.                

 Daily Expectations

Signing in and out your children it is imperative that you clock your children in and out on the computer in front of the reception desk. You simply clock in with 1 and out with 2 then you put the last 5 numbers of you social security number. Your children’s names will come up the highlighted children will be clocked in push OK.

Your child’s Day-

Your child will be offered many fun, educational, and developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day.

Center wide Schedule for Children

6:00                   Open and children start arriving

7:30 -8:00          Breakfast

9:00-9:20          God Print’s in the big room

9:30                   A.M. Snack

11:30                 Lunch

12:00-2:00        Quiet time- Nap –Time

2:30                   P.M. Snack

6:00                   Close

The children receive their meals in their room. Meals are family style all children are required to eat at the table. 

Necessary Daily Items

Every child will need a change of clothing. Please mark them with permanent marker. This includes: shirt, pants, under ware, and socks. Please remember to change items as seasons change. If clothing is in need of washing, please wash them and return the next day.

Dress your children in comfortable everyday clothing, your children will get dirty. Shoes need to be sturdy and secure for climbing and running. 

If your child has a special blanket and/or pillow for nap time please bring it.

PLEASE do not bring things from home, unless a teacher asks you to for show and tell. We will not assume responsibility for personal items that are lost or broken.

If your child needs diapers or pull ups you will need to provide them with baby wipes.

Infant Room

Hampton Community Christian Daycare will provide Wal-Mart Parents Choice Infant formula with Iron Milk Based any other formula needs to be supplied by the parent.  If you choose to bring already prepared bottles whether formula or breast milk, please bring enough for the day plus one.

Many parents prefer to bring 2 bottles and liners if needed to stay at the center. We do wash and sanitize bottles daily.  If your child has graduated to a sippy cup we will supply them. Along with regular bottles, we use sippy cups with formula, water, or juice when they are old enough to join us for snack time and or meal time.

 Baby food- Your child’s baby food may be brought daily or you may choose to bring enough for several days. Our cook also provides soft puréed foods for the babies if you want them to eat what the center provides. Parents will have to fill out a form called the Infant foods tried at home. It is very important to us that you try new foods home first.

Diapers and Baby wipes- You will need to supply the diapers and wipes your child will need for the day. We change and check diapers every 2 hours and there are sometimes things that happen in between so plan accordingly. Most parents bring a bag of diaper and a package of wipes and the staff will let you know on their daily sheet when they are running low.

Pacifiers – If your baby has a pacifier it would be best to leave one here at the daycare.

Extra Clothing We all know that infants often need their clothes changed for one reason or another – Please bring or leave extra clothing.

Daily Sheets- Your infant will be sent home sheets daily. You will know what they did, when and what they ate, the and when they were changed. Please be sure to check them everyday to see if there is any thing your baby needs.

Toddler and Preschool rooms

Diapers/pull-ups and Baby wipes- You will need to supply the diapers/pull ups and wipes your child will need for the day. We change and check diapers every 2 hours and there are sometimes things that happen in between so plan accordingly. Most parents bring a bag of diaper and a package of wipes and the staff will let you know on their daily sheet when they are running low.

Potty training Children will be asked to try to potty every 2 hours and before going outside. Children will not be forced to try to potty. We will ask them to try and sit them on the toilet. For sanitary reasons we do not use potty chairs we use the smaller toilet seats for toddlers.

Extra Clothing We all know that toddlers and preschoolers often need their clothes changed for one reason or another – Please bring or leave extra clothing. Please check your child’s cubby at the end of the day for wet or soiled clothing.

Naps and Resting
12:00-2:00 is the quiet time at the center. Children are assigned their own cot, blanket and pillow. The cot/bedding is washed every week. The children are soothed by soft quiet music during their quiet time.

Outdoor Play
Weather permitting, all children (including walking infants) will spend time playing outside daily. Please bring appropriate clothing (snow- pants, mittens, hats, etc.).

It is the Hampton Community Christian Daycare’s policy that children who are well enough to attend the center re well enough to go outside and play. Staff/ child ratios must be maintained we do not have enough staff to stay inside with one child.

Field Trips
Field Trips are a part of the older children’s program. Parents will be sent home permission slips in advance. On occasion a special field trip may cost the parents an additional fee.

When transporting children to and from activities, the following state licensing rules will be    followed.  On some field trips children can walk. Some of the trips they will need to be transported either by bus or by car. We often contract the H-D School or Access Inc for bussing. If we use personal cars a copy of the proof of insurance and valid driver’s license will be put in a file at the center. This includes parent volunteers.

Parent volunteers
Any parent who is in ratio or in charge of any children besides your own child will have to have a criminal check both State and Federal along with fingerprinting.  If you plan on going on a field trip let the director know so this can be done in advance.

Emergency Drills
The center is required to have monthly fire and tornado drills. Please don’t be alarmed if your child talks about it. For Fire drills we all meet over in front of Trinity Lutheran  Church. Parent contact information is taken with us.  Tornado drills- The staff and the teachers go into the bathrooms.

Child Abuse and Neglect
When the HCCD staff suspects child abuse or neglect, we are legally obligated to report what we have seen or heard from the child to the proper authorities.

The child comes first and good and positive Staff/Parent Communication is vital for the development of children. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with the staff.  The staff will try to arrange conferences with parents twice a year. Parents have an open door policy and should feel free to stop in anytime talk with the teacher( if he\she is not busy) or the director.

Phone Calls
Telephones are located in each classroom while we encourage you to call when you are concerned.

Feed back , Suggestions, and Grievances

Hampton Community Christian Daycare requests and respects parent feedback so that we provide the best environment for your child. When areas arise, the problem should be brought to the attention of the director. The director will schedule a conference to solve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction. If you still need satisfaction write a letter explaining the problem and address it to the Board of directors and give it to the director.

Hampton Community Christian Daycare provides childcare for children. This may not be the correct placement for everyone.